Who we are

We are a female and young company, born from the idea of ​​Daniela and Susanna who have always believed that every woman, as a unique, should be free to express her personality and her style wearing what she likes and makes her feel Well, without minding the brands, signatures and above all at the price .... For this for many years of experience in the fashion sector of Daniela and the energy and the contemporary of Susanna, Luna Dreams was born, the e-commerce site where You can find thousands of ideas and answers to all your fashion desires at prices that allow you to realize them. But Luna Dreams also wants to be ideas, sharing, creativity, art and, for what we can, a space for what you want.

Mette to the test, we are waiting for you.

Daniela, Milanese DOC, Linguistic High School and the desire to get to know the world, but without forgetting the country's most beautiful, ours. Fashion attendant of fashion shops, markets and markets, with the curiosity of knowing even those who invent them and realize it, the thousands of hands, eyes, experiences of artists and artisans who work because each of us can feel unique. Lover of travel, readings and good food, to be consumed preferably in the places of tradition!

Susanna, born in Milan, lives in Brescia, very young, lover of cinema, music and life in company, like all young people lives the present with its fashions, its language, its social media, but with great attention and commitment For those present to be excluded from this present. It is of her the social soul of Luna Dreams and the idea that fashion must always be available to everyone.

The others: obviously our company also makes use of an international team of collaborators who take care of the technological aspects and marketing of our company. Giovanissimi but with very clear ideas and experience created day after day online, between Italian creativity and US innovation.

This is our team. And we're here for you.