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Cashmere washing and cleaning

Washing and cleaning of Cashmere

Pure cashmere is a natural fiber to be treated with a few more precautions than normal cotton or synthetic garments.

Cashmere must be washed carefully to avoid pilling, given by the natural rubbing of the fabric (not always indicative of the quality of the material) and damage to the fiber itself.

The methods we recommend are:

Hand wash

Compared to the alternatives proposed below, hand washing is the most delicate one, a little more laborious, it is true, but more effective to preserve the softness and softness of the garment for a long time as you bought it.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Fill a container like a basin with 5lt of lukewarm water ( 30 ° C maximum );
  • Add 20ml detergent for wool or cashmere ;
  • Turn the garment upside down and soak it in water for a few minutes to rehydrate the fibers.
  • Do not twist or rub the garment, manipulate it a little so that soap and water penetrate the fibers.
  • Leave to soak for a maximum of 20 minutes ;
  • Rinse by replacing the water used with clean water until all soap residue is eliminated;
  • Grab the garment and squeeze it gently . Remember that cashmere fibers are delicate. A good way is to wrap the cashmere in a towel and roll it up to let the excess water out.
  • Spread the garment on a cloth , on a flat and horizontal surface, away from the sun and heat sources ;
  • Iron the garment only if absolutely necessary. With the garment still inside out, place a cloth under the iron and proceed to the lowest temperature. Be careful not to dampen the cashmere by holding the iron still for too long.

Washing machine

Strongly not recommended due to high rubbing.

In any case, only if strictly necessary, use the delicates program found in all washing machines.
Insert the cashmere garment, inside out, in a pillowcase and close it. This will protect it from rubbing.

Avoid spinning.


Relying on fabric experts allows you to avoid any careless errors in washing or the use of aggressive products as well as save time.

However, the results are not always excellent…